Millie’s arms have been really itchy lately...but this is nothing a trip to her dermatologist, Dr. Stewart, can’t solve. Join Millie and Suzie as they learn about their skin, the job of a dermatologist and why their skin is beautiful.

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Millie and Suzie are having so much fun riding their bikes in their driveway! That's until Suzie has an accident and falls off her bike! Suzie starts to cry because she is very scared that she has might have broken a bone. Daddy comes to her rescue and also provides a quick lesson on bones, muscles, and what he does as an orthopedic surgeon.

Suzie is really excited to be able to stay home with her Mommy, Daddy, and older sister Millie! When Suzie expresses this to Millie, she explains to Suzie why they have been staying home with a quick lesson on Coronavirus.

Now translated into Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese!

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Samantha Harris and Devon Scott are medical students from Southern California. Samantha is an aspiring pediatrician and Devon is going into orthopedic surgery. They both share a passion for kids, medical education and teaching little ones that they can be whatever they want to be.

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